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Bike Build/box


Plus Site Visit Fee of $15.00. Fee is waived if Bicycle is delivered to Got Bikes.

Product Information

Basic Bike Build up is an overhaul of the items listed below. A visual inspection upon receipt of the bicycle will be conducted with owner present.  The following steps will be taken:

    1. Bicycle Assembled.
    2. Head tube, Seat Tube and Pedal threads will be greased.
    3. All brakes will be adjusted with the exception of Hydraulic Disc Brakes.  See note below .
    4. All gears will be adjusted.
    5. Chain and Freewheel/Cassette lubricated.
    6. Wheels Spot checked for Alignment (Truing).
    7. Crank bolts checked.
    8. Handlebar/Stem bolts checked.
    9. Seat Post bolt checked.
    10. Brake Pads checked.

*All services do not include parts, unless otherwise stated.

**Hydraulic Brakes will be checked for rubbing and correct setup, not bleeding.