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Ship/Box Bike



Product Information

Are you traveling to another part of the country or overseas yet you want to have that special bicycle with you?

The answer to your needs are boxing the bicycle and having it shipped via FedEx or UPS to arrive at your destination upon your arrival. If going overseas then you would deliver bicycle in the box to the airport terminal and check it as luggage. There are substantial fees associated with this and you may want to investigate before to determine if the cost ratio is worth the effort verse renting a bicycle at your destination.

The Bicycle is partially dis-assembled and placed into a Bicycle (cardboard) Box with appropriate padding and placement of parts to prevent damage from normal shipping. All Contact information is written on both sides of the box such as addressing an envelope for the destination. Partial assembly will be required at your destination.


If you are going to be attending college away from home and travel back and forth with your bicycle a couple recommendations would be to ensure bicycle box is heavy duty and not your normal box. Purchase a few tools to personally  conduct the Assembly/Dis-Assembly of your bicycle. When you arrive at your destination unpack the bicycle, assemble the bicycle, and then break down the shipping box and place all material under the dorm bed to be used in future shipments.

Highly recommend when shipping Ensure you the Owner orders pick/delivery for the purpose of having to file any claims if damaged in the process of shipping. This will help eliminate third party involvement and a more direct approach to receiving any settlement from shipping/airline company.

This Service includes instructional demonstration of dis-assembly/assembly if requested.

*This Service does not include payment of shipping.