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Basic Bike Tune-up


Basic Bike Tune-Up

Product Information

Basic Bike Tune up is an overhaul of the items listed below. A visual inspection upon receipt of the bicycle will be conducted with owner present. Any parts needing to be replaced will be recommended on the spot. The following steps will be taken:

    1. All brakes will be adjusted with the exception of Hydraulic Brakes.  See note below .
    2. All gears will be adjusted.
    3. Chain and Freewheel/Cassette lubricated.
    4. Tire Pressure checked/filled.
    5. Wheels Spot checked for Alignment (Minimal Truing).
    6. Crank bolts checked.
    7. Handlebar/Stem bolts checked.
    8. Seat Post bolt checked.
    9. Brake Pads checked.
    10. Wheel hubs adjusted.
    11. Bottom Bracket adjusted.

*All services do not include parts, unless otherwise stated.

**Hydraulic Brakes will be checked for rubbing and correct setup, not bleeding ($50 additional).