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The All New SixThreeZero Scholarl 7 spd Crusiers are here!!!


Scholar Women 7-Speed

Product Information

A staple of the sixthreezero lineup and one of the originals, the ever popular Scholar now comes in a 7 speed!.  Like the single and 7 speed, this is a standard 17″ women’s cruiser frame and the color scheme on this one really depicts a sense of style and sophistication. This one is a gorgeously subtle cream colored bike, accented beautifully by the orange rims within the 26″ white wall tires. More than that, it comes with a really comfortable and clean-looking brown bubble saddle and grips, both stitched in brown. Matching front and rear fenders always add a nice touch too, not to mention protecting you from any puddles you may come across. Beyond the good looks of the bike, having seven speeds gives it plenty of juice too!  Gear one will make pedaling very easy, which is ideal for slow cruising and uphill riding.  Gear seven will provide a lot of resistance, making pedaling more difficult, but is ideal for faster speeds and longer, straight away riding.  Depending on incline/decline, a rider can adjust the gear to suit the difficulty of pedaling.  The different gears make riding fun by allowing the rider to choose the optimal gear for desired speed and incline.  You’ll be able to cruise peacefully and easily through the city, by the beach, through your town or up and down hills with a few gear options to help you along the way. A bike that is as reliable and efficient as it is scholarly.